meet my new best friend!


last month, i decided to sign up for the New Year Gift Exchange with Casey, DanielleAlycia.
i was really excited to be a part of this great group of women and hopefully get to meet a new friends from it.

little did i know that i would end up meeting my blogging soul mate!

my gift exchange partner was Michelle and to say i have LOVED getting to know her is a complete understatement.
we are basically the same person!
seriously. the more i have gotten to know her the more i am amazed at how similar we are!

it has been such a huge blessing for me to get to meet Michelle and have her as a friend and confidant.
in just a short while, she has already been there for me so much by listening to me vent and giving me much appreciated advice on raising a very active little boy.

Michelle is also an incredibly talented seamstress and crafter.
for the gift exchange, Michelle sent me this beautiful t-shirt scarf/necklace and headband.
i have worn at least one of them almost every day since i’ve received them.

blog swap 1blog swap 2
and Michelle’s description of it:
“it’s just something i made really fast one night from old t-shirts.”
like it was not a big deal at all to whip something up last minute to send to a stranger in Utah.
yeah she’s seriously talented!

you should see her up-cycled sweater series that she did on her blog.
it’s awesome!! 

so even though we both incredible procrastinators {and busy mamas} and didn’t get our gifts to each other on Jan. 31st, it has still be an awesome experience and i know i’ve made a great lifetime friend.
as Michelle put it once, i’m not in it for the gifts or the followers. i’m in it to make friends.

and i’m so glad i got to become such great friends with Michelle and other great bloggers.
it has made this whole “blogging experience” SO worth it!!


Style by Bruno said...

It is simple but at the same time very cool doesn't seem to be that easy to do from old t-shirts

Unknown said...

You are way too nice! I am no where near being able to call myself a seamstress. I just know how to work a sewing machine. I have a hard time being able to sew in a straight line!!!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh so fun!

Anonymous said...

I participated in Oh Hello Friend's Lovely Package exchange around Christmas time, and couldn't believe how alike my exchange partner and I were. One of the best things about blogging and exchanges like this is getting to meet new people like that. It's so much fun!