30x30 under $30: day 25

outfitoutfit 4outfit day 25.2  
[dress: Forever 21, thrifted; tights: Target clearance; shoes: Target clearance; headband: Forever 21, gift]

look at that.
day 25 of the 30x30 under $30 challenge and i finally wear one of my dresses.
i can honestly say that i hardly wore all 30 items and i could probably do this challenge with 20-25 items instead. and then make up the rest in shoes… since i totally cheated with shoes. i should’ve done that.
oh well!

what do you think of the purple with black tights with turquoise shoes?
i liked the solid colors but maybe {if it was warmer at the time} i would’ve looked better sans tights.
can i count that as color blocking since i don’t really know what that is/how to do it?

and i love that Eli isn’t even paying attention to me in that picture and just wants me to go get him something.
story of my life

also, i apologize for the crappy phone pictures. this is what happens when your husband doesn’t get home til late and you don’t have a tripod and you are just in a hurry cause that cute little boy wants you to come play.

so i have something really cool to share with you all today.
i pretty much wear scarves only two ways because i’m not really creative enough to come up with anything else.
so when i was contacted by Bethany from Scarves.net with this really cool Scarf Knot Library: 50+ ways to tie a scarf, i thought it was the coolest.thing.ever.


and you may be thinking “scarves are a fall/winter thing”
but actually they have some really great scarf ideas for spring/summer too!
[like here, here, and here]

the Knot Library has step-by-step pictures & videos to help you recreate their looks.
i’m now thoroughly convinced that i need more scarves in my life and ever since i was shown this tutorial i have been looking for new scarves.
they would be perfect to dress up any outfit this season! 
love them!

what are some of your favorite ways to wear a scarf?
do you see any new ways that you want to try out from the
Knot Library?

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Sue said...

I love the bow scarf, second to bottom left. I'm a fan of big, floppy bows!

Jessica Sebastian said...

I <3 scarves!

Keetha Broyles said...

Girl friend, do you ALWAYS make sure all your outfits MATCH your furniture - - - 'cause like this dress is PERFECT.


THE COOKS said...

New follower!!! Love the scarf post! Thanks for sharing. :))

Grace said...

You have the cutest style!

StylishByNature said...

Such cute pictures and Great post :)

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Aubrey said...

I love the purple dress! I'm pretty sure that if we were the same size I would come to your house and steal it! haha :)

love the shoes too!