30x30 under $30: day 15 & 16

day 15day 16
[day 15 rainy/snowy day wear: top: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted; sweater: H&M, thrifted; blazer: thrifted; jeans: F21 on sale; boots: thrifted; beanie: c/o Oli J Accessories
day 16: top: Shade, on sale; tank: gift from Macy’s; shoes: Target clearance, $8; cuff: c/o Rustik Chic; bag: Le Mode Accessories, won in a giveaway from Kaycie]

i think i cheated with my shoes in both those outfits.
but i couldn’t help it. i love both those shoes. especially the red wedges. i’m mildly obsessed, to put it kindly, and have been trying to wear them with every outfit.

and that bag
that bag!!!
i thought i died and went to heaven when Kaycie told me i won it.
i love it.
it’s the most beautiful bag i have ever seen. the picture doesn’t do it justice.  and it’s perfect for baby stuff too cause it’s nice and big.

also, i want to apologize that my pictures are never really that good, haha.
Adam gets home late so either it’s as the sun is going down and washes everything out (and my hair blends into the background?) or we have to take it inside. and Adam kind of is sick of taking pictures, ha.
so, Jessica? another photo day to end this thing?

i’ve realize throughout this 30x30 under $30 challenge that i think i picked too many clothes.
i have barely worn the dresses i chose {and don’t really know how to mix them up} and have certain sweaters that i didn’t mix up much either.
so i’m pretty sure i picked too many clothes!
i was so worried that i wouldn’t have enough to work with that i picked lots of clothes and limited my shoes
[but then i cheat with shoes all the time].
so if i did it again, i wouldn’t pick as many clothes and then just choose more shoes or something.
and i probably wouldn’t pick dresses or as many sweaters since i’m not creative enough with them.

but that was such a big eye-opening thing for me.
i picked 30 items and still feel like it’s almost too much.
so i’m glad i now know that i actually can get by with less even though sometimes i really think i will just die if i don’t go shopping for a few new shirts.
good lesson to learn i think!

seriously, i heard a lot of other bloggers say how much they hated the 30x30 {under $30-my twist} challenge but i actually have really enjoyed it!
would you ever do the challenge?
if you do, let me know! i’d love to see your outfits and how you mixed it up.
and i’d love to see how you make the challenge unique to you!

pleated poppy”Momma


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Rachel said...

We should swap and take each others pictures. All mine are taken with a timer inside during naptme! Haha.

Keetha Broyles said...

You look cute as a button in everything you're wearing here!

Susan said...

Love those red shoes so cute!!! :)

Breezy said...

Yeah those red wedges are awesome!

Aubrey said...

I'm considering it. I did a different hair style all month, and I need a new challenge. I'm not sure I'm up for this one though.

Jessica Sebastian said...

Photo day for sure!

Unknown said...

I love these oufits! I'm so jealous of those red wedges. And the bag looks great with your outfit!! Enjoy it :)